Electronic detection system of non-linear junctions at the distance of up to 17 m - Lornet 0836
Electronic detection system of non-linear junctions at the distance of up to 17 m -  Lornet 0836

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Electronic detection system of non-linear junctions at the distance of up to 17 m - Lornet 0836

  • Detecting within 15-17 m
  • Detecting SIM cards
  • Precise laser pointer
  • DPF technology
  • Strong parabolic antenna


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Electronic detection system of non-linear junctions at the distance of up to 17 m - Lornet 0836

Lornet-0836 is a must-have tool for quick and effective detection of devices with semiconductor components aimed at detecting and annihilating all kinds of surveillance equipment or hazardous devices.

Lornet-0839 is a professional electronic detection system, which encompasses DPF technology (double probing frequency) which allows to detect all kinds of hidden wiretaps, video cameras and other types of electronic devices within 15-17 m, this additionally enhances the safety of detecting any transmitters used for production or detonation of bombs.

DPF provides a great advantage of detecting non-linear junctions as it is better to detect single minor devices through emission of high frequencies, and use low frequencies for detecting in wet soil, concrete walls and etc. With the simultaneous analysis of the second and the third harmonics and due to the characteristics of signal response, it is possible to verify whether you are dealing with an electronic device or natural non-linear junctions (present e.g. in rust).

Device operation is very simple in use and, thanks to its low weight, very convenient. Parabolic large-gain antenna (20dB at 3600 MHz) enables very precise detection of semiconductor components at a large distance, and the laser pointer allows for a more exact search. In the handle there are buttons for quick switch of functions, and just above them there is a graphic indicator with LED diodes which indicates the strength of the detected frequencies.

Key features of the electronic detection system of non-linear junctions Lornet-0839

  • operation in one or two frequency ranges at the same time,
  • precise detection of devices owing to the parabolic antenna with 20 dB gain at 3600 MHz,
  • laser indicator,
  • wide range of power adjustment, possibility of manual or automatic signal probing,
  • optional secret listening through a wireless headset or open listening with a loudspeaker,
  • detecting SIM cards within up to 80 cm,
  • compact size, weight 1kg


Selcom Security

Selcom Security is an exporter of Russian products designed for detecting spy appliances and conducting audio and video supervision . The company offers a wide scope of professional products such as bugs, frequency scanners, camera detectors, noise generators or voice...


Specification of the electronic bug detector for non-linear junctions Lornet-0836
Testing signal
  • pounding - work cycle 0,4%
  • pounding - work cycle 6,0%
Sampling frequency
  • 789,5 - 791,5 MHz
  • 3581,5 - 3607,5 MHz
The highest transmitters power
  • puls - 25W in low FR/ 18W
  • CW - 6W for both frequencies
Transmitting antenna gain in high range20 dB, beam angle by -3 dB level - 22°
Transmitting antenna gain in low range6 dB, beam angle by -3 dB level - 60°
Receiving antenna gain
  • in upper range - 24 dB
  • in lower range - 8 dB
Receiver sensitivity&gt -110 dBm
Dynamic range30 dB
Polarization of the transmitting-reception antennascyclically
Power supplyintegrated Li-Ion accumulator
Operation time in pounding mode2,5 h
Minimum operation time of the continuous mode1,5 h
Battery monitoring systemyes
Admissible temperatures range+5°C up to +40°C
Device dimensions31 × 31 × 28 cm
  • device 1 kg
  • set - 4,5 kg


  • Electronic bug detector Lornet-0836
  • 2× battery set
  • Charger
  • Network adapter
  • Headphones
  • User manual

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