Wiretaps detection system for analysing telephone lines and VoIP systems - TALAN 3.0

TALAN is a professional tool which enables scanning of telephone systems - both analogue and digital, as well as VoIP systems for detecting and locating surveillance devices.

TALAN 3.0 is a modernised version of the well-known model TALAN DPA-7000. To be able to quickly identify unauthorised activity in the VoIP system, TALAN 3.0 intercepts and makes analysis of all network streams. It is able to detect quite quickly whether there are any packet data sent when the VoIP system is not in use.

The interface os TALAN 3.0, which is easy in use, enables the user to watch consistent patterns and repetitive activities. Common VoIP services often show a unique feature set which can lated be used for visual identification of similar activities. Wide advanced filters enable locating and identification of information.

What new in TALAN 3.0?

  • traffic analysis in VoIP networks
  • FFT algorithm visually displays VoIP traffic
  • advanced input panel for testing and accepting Internet connections
  • Earth/Ground testing by modified external wire connections

Key features of the wiretap detector TALAN 3.0

  • VoIP analysis


    The TALAN 3.0 is not only able to intercept but also to analyse unauthorised VoIP connections. All contact details, MAC/IP addresses, inquiries, statistics and old protocols which are normally skipped by other devices.

  • Automatic tests

    Packet of FFT automated tests

    FFT algorithm patented by the manufacturer converts the times of network traffic to frequency graphs. TALAN creates patters that are normally recognisable by most of devices and, additionally, it enables detection of real-time traffic in VoIP system. Test results can be stored for later analysis.

  • Meter

    Digital multi-meter

    Interception detector TALAN 3.0 scans the key parameters of the telephone line such as the voltage, current and resistance and the switching matrix makes it possible to analyse all combinations of cables and represent it in an easy-to read overview.



    TALAN makes it possible to decode 80% of digital telephone systems. It also analyses the purpose of use of each line e.g. whether it is used for audio signal transmission.

  • High quality matrix

    Frequency Domain Reflectometry (FDR)

    The FDR method allows you to make a comparative analysis for many pairs of cables and to check the results against the earlier collected data. The probability of surveillance is determined on the basis of anomalies in the line impedance.

  • Non-linear detection (NLJD)

    Non-linear junction detection (NLJD)

    This functions enables detection of all electronic appliances that are connected to the examined line. This method allows for a quick check whether there are any unidentified device connected to the specific line and whether it may pose a threat.

  • Amplifier

    Audio amplifier with a built-in oscilloscope

    The TALAN 3.0 has been equipped with an amplifier which is to reinforce the signal in the acoustic band of 20 Hz - 20 kHz (total gain to 80dB). Power generator makes it possible to provide power to the phone line scanner.



    Precise analysis of spectrum (bands up to 85 MHz) and time domain display to show the modulation for AM and FM signals. Wideband RF probe within the band up to 8 GHz makes it possible to analyse the energy and provides graphic presentation of the signal changing in time. This allows for tracking the suspected radio transmitter.

  • Wiretap location

    Harmonic Locator Probe (HLP)

    TALAN has been equipped with a harmonic locator probe (HLP) which is used for tracing wires in order to detect a source/ location of any type of electronics that might be used for eavesdropping.


    Storing of analysis data

    The removable memory in the device makes it possible to archive all tests and measurements made for further deeper insight.

  • Software programs

    Software for TALAN 3.0

    PC software provides wide organisational possibilities. It significantly facilitates file management, making analysis reports as well as export of data. The software generates comparative graphs of many telephone lines simultaneously.

­Specification of the Wiretaps detection system for analysing telephone lines and VoIP systems - TALAN 3.0
Steering unit
  • 32bit RISC
  • 520 MHz
Built-in memory
  • 64 MB SDRAM (OS)
  • 64 MB Flash
External memory Compact Flash, portable USB memory
Digtal connection I/O
USB A type - for plugging external keyboard, mouses or USB memory
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
USB host B type
Analog connection I/O
Audio input
  • jack 3,5mm
  • mono
Microphone input
  • jack 3,5mm
  • mono
Functional buttons 6
Navigation buttons 5
Dedicated buttons tak
Touch screen with indicator
Optical coder high resolution
Testing input
Double MOD8 supports connection 2,4,6 and 8 telephone lines
„Banana” type 5
RF antenna input SMB type
Expanding port supports communication and measurements with the use of additional accessories
Radio system
Bandwidth analyzer
  • superheterodyne receiver with double conversion
  • frequency range: 30 kHz – 85 MHz
  • scanning time: 2 s
  • scanning step: 1 kHz
  • bandwidth: 18 kHz
  • sensitivity: -100 dBm
Broadband detector
  • antenna input SMB, up to 8 GHz
  • lines testing in range from 100 kHz up to 600 MHz
  • sensitivity: -65 dBm
Digital multi-meter
Measuring range
  • automatic
  • adjustment time 500 ms
Admissible voltage range (AC/DC) 0 – 250 V
Admissible electricity consumption (AC/DC) 0 – 300mA
Electrical resistance range 0 – 42MΩ
Capacity range 50pF – 40µF
Constant component
DAC converter
  • optically isolated
  • controlled digitally
  • High voltage
Modulation constant voltage or variable sinusoid (10 Hz – 300 Hz)
Maximum initial voltage ± 80 V
Audio system
Frequency range 20 Hz – 20 kHz
System enhancement up to 80 dB
Digital gain control AGC
Analog filter 300 Hz – 3 kHz
*with accumulator
Network adapter
  • 15 VDC @ 3A
  • 100-240 VAC
  • 50-60 Hz
  • Li-Ion
  • 4-6 h of continuous
Admissible temperatures range 0°C up to +50°C
Dimensions of the device 25,4 × 32,8 × 6,9 cm
Case dimensions 13,7 × 37,8 × 49,5 cm
Weight of the device * 2,7 kg
Weight of the set * 7,1 kg
Research Electronics International (REI)
Research Electronics International (REI) was founded in 1983 in Cookeville, Tennessee USA. REI's customers include government agencies, law enforcement agencies, security companies and professionals involved in surveillance security and protection of confidential information. REI engineers are focused on designing compact products with superior performance and usability. New products are based on the experience of professional teams. The wide range of devices includes equipment such as surveillance device detectors, jammers, high-end cameras and electromagnetic spectrum analyzers.
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