RF Signal Detector in a pen - Protect 1205M
RF Signal Detector in a pen - Protect 1205M

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RF Signal Detector in a pen - Protect 1205M

  • Very sensitive detector
  • Operation frequency of the RF Signal Detector in a pen: 30-6000 MHz
  • Detects both analogue and digital bugs
  • Discreet, compact size
  • 8-segment signal strength indicator

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RF Signal Detector in a pen - Protect 1205M

Protect 1205M is a miniature RF signal detector. Despite its small size, it has all the hallmarks of the Protect series detectors – high effectiveness, versatility, and quality. It allows to detect and localise numerous types of radio transmitters, including listening devices and wireless surveillance cameras.

Protect 1205M RF signal detector in a pen is a readily available piece of counter-surveillance equipment. Nowadays, virtually anyone can buy radio bugs, GSM wiretap devices, transmitters utilising various connection standards, or miniature wireless video cameras. Maintaining security of conversations in meeting rooms and offices, or privacy in an apartment, can be facilitated with a detector such as Protect 1205M.

Protect 1205M RF signal detector utilises advanced digital solutions, allowing to miniaturise the components while retaining excellent specifications and efficiency. It allows to detect and localise active radio transmissions. The operator is able to check the signal strength on an 8-segment LED indicator. Moreover, the top section of the device houses a very strong transmission indicator – it would alarm the operator without the need to take it out, e.g. from a jacket pocket.

The radio bug detector in a pen is able to localise, among others:

  • radio transmitters with FM and AM modulation - both narrow- and broadband
  • video signal transmitters
  • digital continuous or pulse transmitters – mobile phones, DECT, GPS trackers using GSM networks, etc.
  • hooping frequency transmitters
  • transmitters installed in rooms, cars, or used by other people

RF signal detector in a pen - Protect 1205M features also a pulse transmission indicator, allowing to identify short-timed pulses. The LED lighting pattern depend on signal strength, which grows as the operator closes in on the source of a transmission - it allows to determine an estimated location of a transmitter. The interference elimination button proves useful in environments, ambient electromagnetic noise levels are high – it allows to decrease the sensitivity and ignore ambient signals, reducing the number of false alarms indicated by the device's miniature LCD screen. The Protect 1205M detector is a very convenient device – one can carry it constantly and monitor radio activity in a room or a car on and ongoing basis.

The RF signal detector detector is powered by an AAA battery, which is enough for 8 hours of operation (depending on the quality of the batteries). Its solid and sturdy housing is both discreet and elegant – the pen shape (shape only, the device does not double as a pen) is inconspicuous, allowing to use the Protect 1205M without arousing any suspicion.

Main features of the RF signal detector in a pen - Protect 1205M

  • scanning frequencies in the range 30-6000MHz
  • high scanning sensitivity (detection range depends on signal strength and electromagnetic activity in the area)
  • detection of analogue and digital signals
  • signal source localisation is facilitated by an 8-segment transmission power indicator (signal strength rises as the operator is approaching the source)
  • additional very strong transmission indicator, at the top of the device
  • pulse transmission detection indicator
  • ability to decrease the sensitivity, to help reduce the numbers of false alarms
  • its miniature size and pen shape ensures discreet operation


DigiScan Labs

Digiscan Labs is a brand specializing in anit-spy systems , privacy protection and protecting key information . The experience of many specialists gained during Cold War was forged into modern systems protecting from any kind of wiretapping. They constantly introduce improvements,...


Specification of RF Signal Detector in a pen - Protect 1205M
Frequency range30-6000 MHz
Power supply1 × AAA battery
Battery lifeup to 7 hours
Power consumption of the RF signal detector50mA
  • 8-segment signal strength indicator
  • additional very strong signal indicator
  • pulse transmission indicator
Dimensions140 × 17 mm


  • RF Signal Detector in a pen Protect 1205M
  • User manual
  • 2 x AAA battery
  • Case

Reviews (7)

By Jac D.

Comment : looks like a gadget straight from Bond's films :D !
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By Ayaan C.

Comment : Thanks to it I revealed that my co-worker was spying on me! Without i would never have known so definitely worth investing my money in it.
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By Ashton A.

Comment : Has eveyting one may need - - sensitive detector -- small size-- for analogue/digital bugs -- shows strenght -- all good!
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By Arlo P.

Comment : was unavailable when I wanted to buy it so I reached out to detective store and they recommended the Protector 1205 which is what I needed
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By Sophie W.

Comment : Very handy desing plus decent quality
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By Thomas W.

Comment : suits its purpose so what more am I to write ?!
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By William W.

Comment : currently propably the best miniature signal detector availbale
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